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107 C Trousers/pants 126 B Jacket

Who says that pinstripes are only suitable for a severe suit? They look simultaneously posh and sporty on these wide linen trousers/pants! The latter will not cause any bulges as they have no waistband...
found in: Magazines > Archives > Burda World of Fashion 06/2007 > Basics
137 Crochet pullover

Absoutely stunning ... The special aspect on this garment is the back crocheted in treble (UK) or double (US) crochets and chain stitches, while the front section and sleeves are composed of leaf and floral...
found in: Magazines > Archives > Burda World of Fashion 07/2007 > Basics
119 Coat

A classic shows its colours … Violet makes this double-breasted coat look more youthful, even though it retains such tried-and-true elements as raglan sleeves, big buttons and wrist straps on the sleeves....
found in: Magazines > Archives > Burda World of Fashion 10/2007 > Basics
124A Trousers/pants

A slightly new look for stovepipe trousers/pants, as the waistband is at normal waist level. Elastane/Spandex in the fabric will guarantee comfort despite the skin-tight fit! Burda sizes 34 – 42
found in: Magazines > Archives > Burda World of Fashion 09/2007 > Basics
127 Blouse 128 Skirt

Most flattering for smaller sizes! The ruffled collar and slightly puffy sleeves gently swathe a narrow upper body while the gathered section slightly increases the shape of a small bust. The skirt's ultrabroad...
found in: Magazines > Archives > Burda World of Fashion 06/2007 > Basics
137 Hand-knit jacket

We warmly recommend this long, cuddly jacket as the ideal partner for the new skinny jeans and stovepipe trousers/pants! The cable and bobble patterns stand out particularly well on its slim-line, extra-long...
found in: Magazines > Archives > Burda World of Fashion 09/2007 > Basics
122 Blouse

This wide blouse in sporty polo-shirt style is ideal for wearing over trousers/pants. The wide 3/4-length sleeves have narrow cuffs to gather in the fabric and conjure up a restrained "boule look". Burda...
found in: Magazines > Archives > Burda World of Fashion 01/2008 > Basics
120 Shirt

A small trick with a big effect – the front lace insert looks like a separate chemise top worn underneath! A soft collar and wide raglan sleeves lend this garment elegant ease. Burda sizes 36 – 46
found in: Magazines > Archives > Burda World of Fashion 09/2007 > Basics
123 Skirt

This flared plaid skirt could be classified as a classic cut – if it weren't for the extravagant shape of the gores that lend this knee-length style flair and fluid fall! Burda sizes 38 – 46.
found in: Magazines > Archives > Burda World of Fashion 06/2007 > Basics
108 Top

This top consists of two luxurious layers, i.e. delicate lace lined with satin. The shape can't be topped either – princess seams sculpt it perfectly to your figure. By the way, fashion-conscious women...
found in: Magazines > Archives > Burda World of Fashion 12/2007 > Basics
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