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101 Jacket

Chic ahoy! When heading for the promenade or boardwalk you can dress up in this fitted little jacket in embroidered striped fabric with a crisp white blouse. On the beach it looks stunning worn over tops...
found in: Magazines > Archives > burda World of Fashion 06/2008 > Casuals
114 B T-shirt

A sailor-stripe T-shirt is a maritime must-have! Mock button fastenings adorn the shoulders. Burda sizes 34 – 44. (T-shirt: ** Easy to sew but more time-consuming)
found in: Magazines > Archives > Burda World of Fashion 10/2006 > Casuals
116 Jacket

A bit of Country Manor Style – a bit of the Uniform Look ... The double-breasted front, a narrow standing collar with tab, and cargo pockets are sporty style elements. The warm, mottled brown colour of...
found in: Magazines > Archives > burda World of Fashion 01/2009 > Casuals
105 A Blouse

Truly figure flattering – due to extended shoulders on the one hand and side-seam gathers at waist level on the other. Follow our illustrated sewing course in the supplement and the blouse will be quite...
found in: Magazines > Archives > burda World of Fashion 06/2008 > Casuals
112 Jacket 105 B Skirt

A classic jacket looks quite modern when made up in patchwork-print fabric! The pencil skirt looks prim and proper at first glance – until you notice that zipped front slit ... Jacket, Burda sizes 38–46....
found in: Magazines > Archives > Burda World of Fashion 02/2007 > Casuals
114 A Skirt

This skirt in shiny satin tapers inward at the hem, ensuring a super-slim line. And, due to the bold print it definitely does not qualify as a classic! The great news is, this super piece is sewn in a...
found in: Magazines > Archives > Burda World of Fashion 03/2008 > Casuals
115 A Trousers/pants

A Marlene meets Madras ... Bold plaids do well on such wide, menswear-styled trousers/pants! This particular style is very suitable for tall women. Burda sizes 36 – 44
found in: Magazines > Archives > Burda World of Fashion 09/2007 > Casuals
119 A Bermudas

A popular summer garment, bermudas are also in demand this autumn, made up in warm fabrics, of course. Tweed will keep you warm even in nasty weather! Burda sizes 36 – 44
found in: Magazines > Archives > Burda World of Fashion 09/2007 > Casuals
102B Skirt

This iridescent and bold-check fabric shimmers just like dressy taffeta, giving this pleated skirt a new, carefree look. The waist edge is simply faced and pleats are topstitched over the hips for a smooth...
found in: Magazines > Archives > Burda World of Fashion 09/2007 > Casuals
115 Jacket

It's not just the vibrant violet colour that gives this uniform-style jacket lots of pep. Refined cut with long, curved revers/lapels and perky peplum gives the entire garment a new look. Burda sizes 34...
found in: Magazines > Archives > burda World of Fashion 08/2008 > Casuals
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