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112 A Balloon Skirt

A must-have for fashionistas this summer because it’s fashionably crinkled, light as a feather and comes in the trendy balloon shape! The top is from page 28, but seen from the front this time. Burda sizes...
found in: Magazines > Archives > Burda World of Fashion 07/2007 > Update
105 Blouse

As if there were two ... These unusual double sleeves are the special feature on this blouse. It also boasts other eyecatchers: ultra-long red buttonholes, in groups of three in front, 5 on each sleeve....
found in: Magazines > Archives > Burda World of Fashion 01/2008 > Update
105 Blouse 108 Skirt

This silk-satin blouse is both sporty and feminine. Cuffs, collar, épaulettes and front band are worked with the dull fabric side outwards and double rows of shiny buttons adorn the front! A snappy inverted...
found in: Magazines > Archives > Burda World of Fashion 09/2006 > Update
103 Top 104 Bermudas

Short and fitted, the front gathered and trimmed with ribbon-: an otherwise simple top thus looks great and is particularly suited for petite women. The slim-cut bermudas are also first choice for a shorter...
found in: Magazines > Archives > Burda World of Fashion 07/2007 > Update
112 A Trousers/pants

Don’t be afraid of prints! The rank growth on these trousers/pants is kept in check by the feminine capri length and slim shape. Our styling tip: please, always team plaincoloured garments and accessories...
found in: Magazines > Archives > Burda World of Fashion 03/2007 > Update
101 Jacket

Gold buttons and pocket crest are the typical college jacket attributes. Wear it over a mini-dress and thick leggings for a young and saucy look. Burda sizes 34 – 42
found in: Magazines > Archives > Burda World of Fashion 01/2008 > Update
112 A Skirt

Cutting out the wool, jacquard on the bias is a simple trick which results in a skirt the falling beautifully, fitting smoothly around the hips and swinging with your every move! Burda sizes 36 – 44. (Skirt:...
found in: Magazines > Archives > Burda World of Fashion 10/2006 > Update
112 Polo shirt

A sport garment made popular in the 1920s by tennis crack René Lacoste, the polo shirt has long become established fashion and is again very trendy! Our style with ultra-long front band is cut femininely...
104 A Jacket 106 A Trousers/pants

Linen, the classic tropical fabric, is also cooling in the city! This suit consists of a pinstriped jacket and plain Marlene Dietrich trousers/pants with turn-ups/cuffs. The jacket is half-lined, i.e....
found in: Magazines > Archives > Burda World of Fashion 03/2007 > Update
110 Dress

Feel like a film diva in this incomparably elegant dress with draped neckline, dropped and pointed waist seam and gathered skirt. The silvery satin lining for both skirt and bodice is cut on the bias,...
found in: Magazines > Archives > burda world of fashion 12/2005 > Update
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