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Maybe you’ve always wondered what a lettuce edge is, what velvet feels like, or what care linen fabric needs – you’ll find the answers here. Maybe you’re an expert yourself and you would like to share your knowledge with others. Then join us as an editor and help F@SHIONPEDIA grow.
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105 B Skirt

Deep pleats, partially stitched in place, a decorative, bias-cut hem band and topstitching in contrasting red buttonhole twist – all these details transform a simple skirt into a high-class style ... Burda...
found in: Magazines > Archives > burda World of Fashion 01/2009 > Trend
117 B Skirt

Red roses bloom on black silk satin, a wide flounce flutters at the hem – this slim skirt is so very romantic! In keeping with the current cross-over styling craze, team it with a severe waist-coat as...
found in: Magazines > Archives > Burda World of Fashion 12/2006 > Trend
112 B Skirt

Pretty with prints! Such patterns look particularly attractive and elegant on silk satin, as demonstrated by this knee-length skirt that flares out towards the hem. A beautiful basic, quick and easy to...
found in: Magazines > Archives > Burda World of Fashion 10/2006 > Trend
122 Waistcoat/Vest

We warmly recommend this little Cossack sleeveless jacket! It's made of a particularly soft and glossy artificial astrakhan (fake Persian lamb fleece). Fur trims bind the edges and a typically traditional...
found in: Magazines > Archives > Burda World of Fashion 09/2006 > Trend
117 Top 121 Skirt

As pretty as a picture! The wide skirt is adorned with a fantastic broad hem border in folk-style patterns and it's easy to make because you just cut out the georgette to the right size and sew it on!...
found in: Magazines > Archives > Burda World of Fashion 09/2006 > Trend
107 Dress

Fancifully romantic folklore ... This modestly shaped floral shirtwaist dress has long cuffed sleeves and is fastened from hem to collar with shimmering black pearl buttons. Burda sizes 36 – 44. (Dress:...
found in: Magazines > Archives > Burda World of Fashion 09/2006 > Trend
116 Jacket

Velvet is celebrating a comeback and is very trendy, especially when adorned with a floral print as shown here. The straight cut jacket with standing collar completes the Asian Look. Burda sizes 34 – 42....
found in: Magazines > Archives > Burda World of Fashion 12/2006 > Trend
118 Dress

This rather unusual mix brings together cool stripes and fanciful paisley patterns. The trendy empire-line dress is made of translucent georgette, with an opaque underskirt for modesty’s sake. Burda sizes...
found in: Magazines > Archives > Burda World of Fashion 03/2007 > Trend
408 A Long blouse 409 A Trousers/pants

This airy embroidered batiste blouse with cleverly gathered buttonhole band is very pleasant to wear. It mixes and matches well, teaming here with casually wide "Marlene Dietrich" trousers/pants. Our styling...
found in: Magazines > Archives of Specials > burda Plus Fashion > Trend
108 A Blouse 117 B Skirt

These two team really well ... The blouse is straight-cut with the waist cinched by a drawstring belt, while small puffed sleeves add romantic flair. The skirt is equally romantic with abundant floral...
found in: Magazines > Archives > Burda World of Fashion 03/2007 > Trend
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